Cook @ Home Cooking Classes & Private Catering

Learn to cook delicious meals for your family and friends

Cook @ Home Cooking Classes & Private Catering

Cook @ Home Cooking Classes
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Learn how to cook delicious and nutritious meals for your family and friends.

Annalie Hunt is co-author of the Mass Catering Recipe Book. This recipe book is used by chefs and also at Tertiary Educational Institutes in South Africa as a textbook.

Find our more about our home cooking courses and the Mass Catering Recipe Book

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Home cooking courses and classesCook At Home offers one on one cooking courses at your own home, training the trainee with the available equipment and utensils in a known environment.

Not only does the menu include balanced meals and healthy recipes that will ensure a healthy lifestyle, but the family have the choice to choose from a list of recipes themselves, to ensure that the menu suits the taste of the whole family and also fit into the families' monthly budget for food.

Over the past decades, the need for supplementation drastically increased. People live in a stressful environment, skip meals, eat a lot of fast foods and make the wrong food choices overall. The use of hormones and pesticides in food production, increased. Fruit and vegetables get harvested in an early stage and get stored for long periods. Wrong cooking methods are used because of a lack of knowledge.

Therefore people need to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals.

We offer a number of home cooking courses at your home from short cooking classes to 1 day cooking courses to a 4 day cooking course.

Cook At Home provides the family with:

  • One on one hands-on training
  • A cycle menu
  • Recipes
  • Supplementation advise for the family

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In addition, our Mass Catering Recipe Book is a comprehensive cooking and catering manual.


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