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The Mass Catering Recipe Book offers the following:

A Set of 3 books:

  • Mass Catering Recipe Book
    • More than 200 Recipes for 240 portions and more
    • Structured to assist with pre-preparation, preparation, portioning and serving
    • List with equipment and utensils for every stage of preparation
    • Accurate time guides and yields for the various preparation stages for ingredients
  • Recipe Data Management
    • Ingredient list
    • Production yields at different stages of preparation
    • Portion sizes as purchased and served
    • Nutritional information
  • Guide to Recipe Standardisation
    • Recipe development and standardisation
    • Menu planning
    • Costing
    • Tables with portion sizes, yields in the pre-preparation and preparation of different foods, conversion tables, temperature guidelines, seasonal availability of fruit and vegetables in South Africa and a lot more handy information

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